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Jacqueline Davidson, BioEYES Philadelphia

After six years away, Jacqueline Davidson is making her triumphant return to BioEYES Philadelphia. Jackie worked as Philadelphia's Outreach Educator from 2007-2011, but left to focus on her family. With her experience and love of the classroom, we're glad to welcome her back!

How long have you been with Project BioEYES?

I was originally with BioEYES from 2007-2011. I also covered Outreach Educator Tracy Nelson's first maternity leave in 2014 for 12 weeks.

What is your title and role in Project BioEYES?

I am currently working with BioEYES Philadelphia as an Outreach Educator. My primary role will be to reach 500 8th graders in Philadelphia and Camden this year.

What's one or two previous positions you held?

Previously, I was a Recruiter and Staffer for School Based Care. I worked with cyber-schools to fill referrals. Prior to that I was a Medical Assistant Teacher.

What is your favorite part about working with BioEYES?

Walking in to a classroom and seeing the students get so excited about completing an experiment. It is great to see the kids at the end of the week.

When not teaching or working with fish, what are some of your hobbies?

I have two kids, and on the weekends I love to spend time with them. My 7 year old plays baseball, so on the weekends you can always find me at the field cheering him on!

When getting away, where do you like to go?

We always make it to Ocean City, NJ a few times a year.

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