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Terrone Jasper, BioEYES Baltimore

Terrone Jasper—also known as "TJ"—started as an Outreach Educator for BioEYES Baltimore in September, 2017. With his background in aquaculture and aquatic sciences, as well as his experience managing community-based natural resources as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, Terrone is a fantastic addition to the BioEYES family!

How long have you been with Project BioEYES?

Two months and counting!

What is your title and role in Project BioEYES?

Outreach Educator, I am tasked with going into the school and administering the program with the assistance of the teacher.

What's one or two previous positions you held?

Most notable recent position was as an environmental Peace Corps volunteer in the country of Malawi.

What brought you into the realm of informal science education and non-profit?

Gravity pulled me in naturally, it hasn’t been premeditated by any means. It seems to be a niche of mine.

What is your favorite part about working with BioEYES?

Being able to reach children at a phase in life that is instrumental to their future decision-making and influencing them.

Do you prefer one breed of Zebrafish over the others?

The Longfin has a majestic mermaidish aesthetic.

When not teaching or working with fish, what are some of your hobbies?

Wandering and discovering new things has always been my number-one hobby, alongside drawing.

When getting away, where do you like to go?

Wherever there is a body of water.

What is one thing most members of the BioEYES community don't know about you?

I love all shades of green.

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