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Anthony Natale, BioEYES Philadelphia

Anthony Natale came on board as an Outreach Educator with BioEYES Philly for the 2015 - 2016 school year. He has a varied background in Biology, including education and research in a variety of disciplines. His scope includes everything from DNA to Ecosystems. A lover of the lab and the outdoors, he enjoys when the two find a way to merge.

How long have you been with Project BioEYES?

I am in my 2nd year with the program.

What is your title and role in Project BioEYES?

I am an Outreach Educator. Primarily, I teach our Genetics unit in K through 12 classrooms. I also manage social media, design educational life science labs for students, work with Graduate and High School Student interns, and work with local organizations for educational programming.

What's one or two previous positions you held?

Previously I was Lab Preparator for the Biology Department at USciences, another Philly based University, where I managed, prepped, and taught in Biology teaching labs. I was also a Research Specialist with the Gene Therapy Program here at University of Pennsylvania.

What brought you into the realm of informal science education and non-profit?

I found myself dissatisfied with work in advanced research that was also primarily for-profit. I enjoy teaching and working with youth, and came across BioEYES as a great opportunity to see if I wanted to be a classroom teacher. I now feel my niche is informal science education with a focus on lab and inquiry based learning.

What is your favorite part about working with BioEYES?

Working in a variety of classrooms with a variety of teachers and students. I enjoy working in a classroom, office and biology laboratory. I enjoy the other members of the BioEYES team both here in Philly and across the country. My least favorite part is driving in a city.

Do you prefer one breed of Zebrafish over the others?

I enjoy the Roy Orbison breed of Zebrafsh. I enjoy their phenotypic appearance of a translucent body with large, black eyes. I also enjoy that their name came from the singer Roy Orbison's penchant for dark round sunglasses. I also respect them for their use in cancer research and in breeding new types of zebrafish, such as the Casper, which is a cross between a Roy and a Nacre.

When not teaching or working with fish, what are some of your hobbies?

I am a collector of rocks, tree parts, Transformers, and Funko Pops. I play Magic: The Gathering, am an amateur photographer, avid outdoorsman (camping, hiking, backpacking), naturalist and fire maker.

When getting away, where do you like to go?

The wilderness. I love the Sierra Nevada and travel there as often as I can. I enjoy Maine, have visited Death Valley, driven along the California coast while checking out the coastal redwoods, and enjoy the beach. I am planning a trip to Assateague Island in Maryland over Thanksgiving.

What is one thing most members of the BioEYES community don't know about you?

I am a wizard. An honest-to-goodness real life wizard. My wizard name is Ent the Green. Though I am a wizard all the time, I usually don a green pointed hat for community festivals, kids events (Halloween, Birthdays), or strolls around the town. I also help individuals with science, environmental, gardening and mindfulness needs. I tutor, teach in the forest, as well as work with families and mindfulness.

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