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"This teacher gave kids fish instead of lectures, and it's turning them into scientists." January 2017
James Gaines, Upworthy

"Students at Commodore John Rogers School in Baltimore, Maryland, walk into class on a Monday and find their room transformed. Two high-powered microscopes sit at the back of the class, and each group of desks is topped with a transparent tank occupied by two small, delicate fish: one male, one female. For the next week, these kids will be scientists, and the fish are going to help them."
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"Kicking It Up a Notch: Becoming a Culturally Relevant Science Educator," January 2017
Valerie Butler, The Node

"I want to talk about how you can take your science teaching to the next level, where young people, and especially underrepresented young people (people of color, LGBT, immigrants, girls, etc.), find what you’re teaching engaging, relevant to their lives, and which research shows that if done thoughtfully, enables them to achieve a higher level of learning. I’m not suggesting you change your science content. Instead, I’d like to illustrate the importance of modifying your teaching to be culturally relevant."
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Inspiring Students With Fish, December 2016
Kim Hairston, The Baltimore Sun

"Project BioEyes gives students an opportunity to experience science by growing and studying zebrafish. This hands-on style of teaching may inspire future scientists."

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