Our Programs

Your Watershed, Your BackyardProject BioEYES
“Project BioEYES,” our flagship program is a weeklong, hands-on science project that brings live zebrafish into the classroom. Students mate the fish, then raise the resulting embryos until they hatch out as clear, free-swimming larvae with beating hearts that can be seen under our provided microscopes. This program offers exemplary science curriculum in cell biology, genetics, and the scientific method, and is available for 2nd, 4th/5th,* 7th, and high school grades.

*Project BioEYES is targeted for 4th grade in Philadelphia and 5th grade in all other locations.

Your Watershed, Your BackyardYour Watershed, Your Backyard
Our two-week environmental program, “Your Watershed, Your Backyard,” is available to 6th/7th graders exclusively through our Baltimore location. This program builds upon our original zebrafish experiment with a focus on watershed ecology and environmental stewardship. The program includes a field trip to the students' local watershed, and incorporates the best practices of a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience.

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