BioEYES Standards Alignment — 4th Grade

Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content

The Assessment Anchors are one of the many tools the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has developed to better align curriculum, instruction and assessment practices throughout the state. PDE first released the Assessment Anchors for Mathematics and Reading in 2004. The Assessment Anchors, like the Standards, are dynamic documents and will be adjusted periodically. [Source]

Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content: Science Grade 4

S4.A.2: Processes, Procedures, and Tools of Scientific Investigations

  • S4.A.2.1.1: Generate questions about objects, organisms, or events that can be answered through scientific investigations.
  • S4.A.2.1.4: State a conclusion that is consistent with the information/data.
  • S4.A.2.2.1: Identify appropriate tools or instruments for specific tasks and describe the information they can provide (e.g., measuring: length-ruler, mass- balance scale, volume-beaker, temperature-thermometer; making observations: hand lens, binoculars, telescope).

S4.B.1: Structure and Function of Organisms

  • S4.B.1.1.1: Identify life processes of living things (e.g., growth, digestions, respiration).
  • S4.B.1.1.2: Compare similar functions of external characteristics of organisms (e.g., anatomical characteristics: appendages, type of covering, body segments).
  • S4.B.1.1.3: Describe basic needs of plants and animals (e.g., air, water, food).
  • S4.B.1.1.4: Describe how different parts of a living thing work together to provide what the organism needs (e.g., parts of plants: roots, stems, leaves).
  • S4.B.1.1.5: Describe the life cycles of different organisms (e.g., moth, grasshopper, frog, seed-producing plant).

S4.B.2: Continuity of Life

  • S4.B.2.2.1 Identify physical characteristics (e.g., height, hair color, eye color, attached earlobes, ability to roll tongue) that appear in both parents and could be passed on to offspring.
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