BioEYES Standards Alignment — 8th Grade

Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content

The Assessment Anchors are one of the many tools the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has developed to better align curriculum, instruction and assessment practices throughout the state. PDE first released the Assessment Anchors for Mathematics and Reading in 2004. The Assessment Anchors, like the Standards, are dynamic documents and will be adjusted periodically. [Source]

Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content: Science Grade 8

S8.A.1: Reasoning and Analysis

  • S8.A.1.1.2: Explain how certain questions can be answered through scientific inquiry and/or technological design.

S8.A.2: Processes, Procedures, and Tools of Scientific Investigations

  • S8.A.2.1.2: Use space/time relationships, define concepts operationally, raise testable questions, or formulate hypotheses.
  • S8.A.2.1.5: Use evidence from investigations to clearly communicate and support conclusions.
  • S8.A.2.2.3: Describe ways technology (e.g., microscope, telescope, micrometer, hydraulics, barometer) extends and enhances human abilities for specific purposes.

S8.B.1: Structure and Function of Organisms

  • S8.B.1.1.2: Compare similarities and differences in internal structures of organisms (e.g., invertebrate/vertebrate, vascular/nonvascular, single- celled/multi-celled) and external structures (e.g., appendages, body segments, type of covering, size, shape).

S8.B.2: Continuity of Life

  • S8.B.2.1.3: Explain that mutations can alter a gene and are the original source of new variations.
  • S8.B.2.2.2: Recognize that the gene is the basic unit of inheritance, that there are dominant and recessive genes, and that traits are inherited.
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