BioEYES Standards Alignment — 2nd Grade

Pennsylvania State Science Curriculum Alignment

The State Board approved the final Chapter 4 regulations on September 12, 2013. The Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) approved the final regulation on November 21, 2013. With publication of Chapter 4 in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, the new regulations took effect on March 1, 2014. [Source]

Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Science and Technology and Engineering Education, 2nd grade

3.1.A: Organisms and Cells

  • 3.1.2.A3: Identify similarities and differences in the life cycles of plants and animals

3.1.C: Evolution

  • 3.1.2.C2: Explain that living things can only survive if their needs are being met.

Science as Inquiry:

  • Ask questions about objects, organisms, and events
  • Plan and conduct a simple investigation and understand that different questions require different kinds of investigations.
  • Use simple equipment (tools and other technologies) to gather data and understand that this allows scientists to collect more information than relying only on their senses to gather information.
  • Use data/evidence to construct explanations and understand that scientists develop explanations based on their evidence and compare them with their current scientific knowledge.
  • Communicate procedures and explanations giving priority to evidence and understanding that scientists make their results public, describe their investigations so they can be reproduced, and review and ask questions about the work of other scientists
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