Support BioEYES

Where does your money go?

Every dollar you contribute to BioEYES goes directly into our program, allowing us to bring hands-on science education to children who need it. Here are some examples of what your contribution can do:

  • For just $20, we can buy 5 sleeves of Petri dishes for student to raise and monitor their developing fish
  • For just $50, we can buy journals for 45 students to record their observations and data
  • For just $100, we can buy 5 mating tanks, where students keep their fish in the classroom
  • For just $250, we can assemble 10 teacher manuals containing the BioEYES curriculum, extensions, and supplemental activities

How to donate

Please direct your funds to any of the locations listed below.

If you are a foundation or corporation wishing to make a donation, please contact your regional coordinator (below) for a proposal.

Baltimore, MD

Visit the Carnegie Institution PayPal donation page for BioEYES, or send your check, made payable to:

Carnegie Institution for Science, BioEYES
c/o Valerie Butler
3520 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 246-3041

Philadelphia, PA

Visit the University of Pennsylvania donation page for BioEYES, or send your check, made payable to:

University of Pennsylvania
c/o Jamie Shuda
Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Smilow Center for Translational Research, 9-143
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 746-7679

Melbourne, Australia

Send your check, made payable to:

School of Biomedical Sciences
Monash University
c/o Sharon Flecknoe
Building 77, Clayton
VIC 3800
+61 3 9905 1547

Proudly partnered for the advancement of science education
University of Pennsylvania
Carnegie Institution for Science
University of Utah
Monash University
Thomas Jefferson University