Featured School, November 2018

Boys' Latin Middle School, Philadelphia, PA

This fall, BioEYES Philadelphia had the opportunity to work with Mr. Daniel Rodini and his students. He is the 6th grade science teacher at Boys' Latin Middle School. This was our first year working with this school. In December, we will be visiting Ms. Alexis Rylander's 11th graders at their associated high school campus to complete the Advanced level of BioEYES.

Boys' Latin education has a classical Latin foundation. They focus on a curriculum for young men that is designed to foster critical thinking and character development, and to prepare them for college and beyond. The two campuses work closely to foster a bond between the middle and high school students. We saw this first hand during the BioEYES week. High School students came to assist with the experiment and offer the middle school students assistance in completing the lab. It was a great experience for all.

See what some of the students have to say about their school:

I like Boys' Latin because we have options and I feel free. The teachers seem to care about us too.
—Javier A., 10th Grade
I like Boys' Latin because the teaching staff want what's best for us, so we can better ourselves in the future.
—Quadir D., 10th Grade
Boys' Latin is an amazing school. It shows brotherhood and respect. There are also great academics.
—Christian J., 6th Grade
We found our first experience at Boys' Latin to be a positive one and look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.

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