Featured School, February 2017

John Monash Science School, Victoria, Australia

John Monash Science School is unique. It is the first specialist science school in Victoria, Australia and is targeted towards nurturing the development of budding scientists, particularly those in years 10–12 of their secondary schooling (aged 15–18). John Monash Science School is located on the Monash University Clayton campus, a research-intensive university, thereby providing increased opportunity for students to engage with research laboratories and scientists. Indeed, the location and intent of the John Monash Science School makes it a perfect place for students to immerse themselves in cutting-edge scientific discoveries and best practice science education.

John Monash Science School’s vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognised centre of excellence in innovative research-based teaching and learning in the later years of secondary science, mathematics and associated technologies. Since its opening in 2010, students from the school have actively participated in a variety of science endeavours including representing the school at the prestigious International Students Science Fair (ISSF). John Monash Science School hosted the ISSF at Monash University in 2015.

The school’s innovative curriculum is co-written by John Monash Science School teachers and Monash University academics and researchers, ensuring it hits the cutting edge of contemporary knowledge and practice. Students are provided a curriculum that goes beyond the traditional science subjects by having dedicated classes for modern and advancing sciences such as nanotechnology and bioinformatics as well as opportunity for immersion in areas such as biomedical science, marine biology and imaging science, for example.

John Monash Science School was a part of the pilot for the introduction of BioEYES in 2010. Since then, the school continues to be strong advocates for the BioEYES program. Each year, a minimum of 200 students completes the program. In 2017, we will be working with the school to develop extension programs to challenge some of the highest achieving students. Some of these may include working alongside researchers at Monash who use zebrafish in their scientific research.

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