Featured School, February 2018

Newman Elementary School, Salt Lake City, UT

Newman Elementary is an outstanding school in Utah. In fact, it is so outstanding that some of the faculty and staff have worked at the school for 30 years! Not only that, but many of those employees also attended Newman as children.

Due to a grant provided by the state, Newman is made unique in the Salt Lake City School District by having a full one-to-one technology program. This means that each student at the school has access to their own iPad throughout their time in K-6. This technology has been invaluable to the students' learning. All subjects, from English to math and even BioEYES, has been positively impacted by the presence of this technology in the classroom.

Recently, Newman students were invited to a "Kids for Coding" event sponsored by the Utah Jazz Basketball team. They were all so excited to be learning 21st-century skills and had a great time learning and practicing their coding skills.

BioEYES Utah has been partnering with Newman since our inception. BioEYES Utah has taught all the 2nd and 5th graders at the school starting during the 2015-16 school year. In 2016-17, the 5th grade completed the "temperature experiment" where the students chose the temperature at which they grew their embryos and watched their development. BioEYES always finds the students engaged, inquisitive, and collaborative.

Needless to say, BioEYES loves Newman Elementary, but don’t just take our word for it! When asked what is so special about Newman Elementary, here are some replies from the Newman community:

What makes Newman Elementary special is the students. Every student comes to Newman with a willingness to learn. We are able to learn a lot from one another thanks to such a diverse student body.
—Newman 2nd grade teacher
Newman is special because of the good environment established by the staff and faculty and upheld by the students. I've been here for 30 years, and absolutely love it!
—Newman Office Administration
I like Newman because the teachers are nice and show us how to learn.
—Newman 2nd grader
What I think makes Newman special is that we get to do BioEYES!
—Newman 2nd grader

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