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BioEYES - Mrs. Benton's Class at Barrington, March 2020
Barrington Elementary School, Columbus, OH

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"A Three-Year Model for Building a Sustainable Science Outreach and Teacher Collaborative," June 2019
Jamie R. Shuda, Valerie G. Butler, Robert Vary, Noora F. Noushad, and Steven A. Farber; Journal of STEM Outreach

"This paper explores the practices of 'model teachers' from multiple grades, who are empowered over a three-year period to deliver BioEYES' hands-on science content autonomously, as compared to the program’s standard co-teaching model (BioEYES educator + classroom teacher). The authors found that BioEYES' professional development (PD) workshop, classroom co-teaching experience, and refresher trainings assist teachers in gaining autonomy to teach the program’s curricula. In addition, the authors found: 1) a similar effectiveness on student learning across three grade bands, and 2) positive attitude changes about science as a result of the program, regardless if the BioEYES unit was taught by a model teacher or program staff. Further we found that high school model teachers exceeded the performance of BioEYES educators. This observation supports our contention that giving high quality STEM programing that includes multi-level PD to teachers generates the strongest possible outcome. Overall, we characterize the impact and financial investment of BioEYES and describe a PD framework that can be used by outreach providers to deliver content, expand their reach, and sustain school partnerships. "
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"Jason Kelce's Eagles Education Season: Week 9," November 2019
Jason Kelce, The Philadelphia Citizen

"Growing up, I loved science. I had great teachers who made it come alive, and lots of opportunities to explore it in school. But that’s not the case for everyone. Having a daughter has made me think a lot about the discrepancies in math and science and the under-representation of women—as well as minorities, and people with disabilities—in science-related jobs. That’s why I was so psyched to learn about BioEYES, which is run out of Penn’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine, or IRM."

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