BioEYES Multimedia

BioEYES - Mrs. Benton's Class at Barrington, March 2020
Barrington Elementary School, Columbus, OH

Volunteer Program Brings Microscopes, Scientists Into Utah Classrooms; October 2018
Heather Simonson, KSL-TV

BioEYES: See-Thru Science!, October 2018
Sheilah Kast & Melissa Gerr, WYPR "On the Record"

"What do you have in common with a fish? Dr. Steven Farber, from the Carnegie Institution for Science, has a good idea: turns out, it goes clear down to the genes. He tells us about his research on heart disease using--of all things--the tiny zebrafish. He’s also created a short beginners’ genetics curriculum based on fish development -- called BioEYES. We also visit Mt. Washington School and meet BioEYES outreach educator Terrone Jasper, and science teacher Leaha Charles Pierre, whose students are experiencing BioEYES for the first time."

The Dig: Zebrafish in the Classroom, October 2018
Maryland Public Television

Inspiring Students With Fish, December 2016
Kim Hairston, The Baltimore Sun

Project BioEYES, November 2016
Johns Hopkins University

bioEYES program gives Utah students hands-on science experiences, November 2015
Bob Evans, Fox 13 News, Salt Lake City, UT

Williams College students teach BioEYES, March 2015
Williams College Center for Learning in Action, Williamstown, MA

BioEYES at Stanley Clark School, 2012
2nd grade students, Stanley Clark School, South Bend, IN

Project BioEYES at Garrett Heights Elementary-Middle School, January 2012
Baltimore City Public School System Channel 77

BioEYES' environmental program, "Your Watershed, Your Backyard," Spring 2012
Towson University

BioEYES in Australia
Monash University

BioEYES in Baltimore County Public Schools, Spring 2010

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University of Pennsylvania
Carnegie Institution for Science
University of Utah
Monash University
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