Project BioEYES, Advanced:
Student Extension Activities

Advanced student journalAll "Project BioEYES" programs involve our zebrafish experiment, where adult fish are brought to the school to produce embryos that are raised throughout the week. Our Advanced program, designed for high school students, brings in zebrafish with heterozygous and homozygous mutations for a more in-depth Mendelian genetic experiment, while also discussing stem cells and vertebrate embryonic development. All activities below are in PDF form, suitable for printing or projection, and are included in the BioEYES Teacher Manual.

Informational Handouts

Scientific Inquiry
Zebrafish Facts
Further Genetics Activities Online


Zebrafish Word Searches — Three skill levels, with solutions
Zebrafish Crossword Puzzles — Three skill levels, with solutions
Vocabulary Answer Key — Answers to the Vocabulary page in the Student Journal
Zebrafish Mortality Rate — Calculate the mortality rate of the zebrafish embryos during the program
Monohybrid Punnett Square Practice — Includes solutions
Dihybrid Punnett Square Practice — Includes solutions
Dihybrid Guinea Pigs — More dihybrid practice
Punnett Square Scenarios — Use Punnett squares in real-life scenarios; includes solutions
Extended Research Solutions — Solutions to the "Extended Research" page in the Student Journal
Scenario Assessments — Determine the meaning of two experiments' results
Design an Experiment — Writing; create their own zebrafish experiment
BioEYES Assessment Task — Writing; students explain the results of the BioEYES experiment
Bioethics Scenarios — Writing or discussion; intersection of biology and ethics
Draw a Scientist — Explore scientist stereotypes


My Zebrafish — Drawing, coloring, and cutting
Zebrafish Development Flipbook

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