Project BioEYES, Nano:
Student Extension Activities

Nano student journalAll "Project BioEYES" programs involve our zebrafish experiment, where adult fish are brought to the school to produce embryos that are raised throughout the week. Our Nano program, designed for second grade students, focuses on simple observations with lots of drawing, life cycles, and similarities and differences between humans and fish. All activities below are in PDF form, suitable for printing or projection, and are included in the BioEYES Teacher Manual.

Informational Handouts

Scientific Inquiry
Zebrafish Facts
All About Freshwater — Includes coloring activity
What Are Gills?
What Are Lungs?
Now You Know! — Why humans can't breathe underwater
The Heart of the Matter
What Is Your Heart? — Includes diagram labeling and heart rate activities
The Brains of the Operation — About DNA
What Is a Cell? — Includes cutting and pasting activity


Gills vs. Lungs — Simple T-chart for comparisons
Animal Variations — Spot-the-differences and drawing
Animal Life Stages — Matching and naming
Zebrafish: Just Like Me? — Reading comprehension
Bar Graphing Activity
Your Life Cycle — Drawing
Zebrafish Word Searches — Three skill levels, with solutions
Zebrafish Crossword Puzzles — Three skill levels, with solutions
Zebrafish Vocabulary Quiz — Includes answer key
Zebrafish Illustrations — Drawing and vocabulary
Zebrafish Acrostic — Spelling and writing
Zebrafish Story — Creative writing with vocabulary
Draw a Scientist — Explore scientist stereotypes


My Zebrafish — Drawing, coloring, and cutting
Zebrafish Development Flipbook

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