Your Watershed, Your Backyard:
Student Extension Activities

Your Watershed, Your Backyard student journal"Your Watershed, Your Backyard" (YWYB) builds upon our original zebrafish experiment with a focus on watershed ecology and environmental stewardship. The program includes a field trip to the students' local watershed, and incorporates the best practices of a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience. All activities below are in PDF form, suitable for printing or projection, and are included in the YWYB Teacher Manual.

Informational Handouts

Your Watershed, Your Backyard Glossary
Scientific Inquiry
Zebrafish Facts
Chesapeake Bay Facts
Top Ten Ways to Heal the Bay
The Heart of the Matter
State of the Bay — Includes reading comprehension questions and answers


Topographic Maps — Includes solution
Balsa Mountain Topography — A topography model set the Outreach Educator can lend teachers
Watershed Word Searches — Three skill levels, with solutions
Watershed Crossword Puzzles — Three skill levels, with solutions
Watershed Vocabulary Quiz — Includes answer key
Zebrafish Vocabulary Quiz — Includes answer key
Water Cycle Game
Schoolyard Report Card — Grade the environmental impact of your school grounds


Potato Mountain Topography — Creating a topography model from a potato, and how to read a topographic map; includes answer keys
Travels of a T-Shirt — Making energy webs on t-shirts, describing t-shirt production
Clean Water Bookmark — Cut and paste an informational bookmark
Zebrafish Development Flipbook

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