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500 Women Scientists

Summary: An advocacy group that aims to empower women to grow to their full potential in science, increase scientific literacy through public engagement, and advocate for science and equality. Their projects include fighting sexual harrassment and gender-based discrimination in science organizations, increasing the presence and visibility of female scientists, mentoring and supporting new women leaders in STEM fields, and more

500 Queer Scientists

Summary: A visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM and STEM-supporting jobs, where individuals submit their own bios and stories to boost recognition and awareness of queer scientists. Their goals are to make sure the next STEM generation has LGTBQ+ role models, help the current generation realize that they are not alone, and increase queer community visibility and connections within STEM.

The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences

Summary: Dozens of profiles of African-American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. The profiles are divided up by the scientific discipline of the subject, such as biochemistry, physics, entomology, inventing, mathematics, zoology, and more. [Archived page through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.]

SACNAS Biography Project

Summary: A project from the Society to Advance Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science that collects the stories of dozens of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American people working in a wide variety of scientific fields, told in their own words. The collection is searchable by the ethnicity, gender, and scientific discipline of the subject.

We Use Math

Summary: This site has a wide variety of jobs, showing their salary range, education needed, potential employers, and how each of them uses math, helping teachers to answer students' perennial question: "When will I ever use this?"

Careers in Zebrafish Research

Science and beauty and the zebrafish
The Wellcome Trust

Main idea: Scientists use the zebrafish as a model organism to study the brain.
Careers explored: Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Technician
Length: 6 minutes 20 seconds

Zebrafish Heart Regeneration
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Main idea: Advanced topic: Heart regeneration in zebrafish
Careers explored: Digital Animation in Biological Research
Length: 2 minutes 31 seconds

Zebrafish: Practically People
Jennifer A Manner

Main idea: Transforming how we study disease
Careers explored: Research Professors and Senior Research Associates
Length: 9 minutes 46 seconds

Zon Lab Overview
Boston Children's Hospital

Main idea: Zebrafish stem cell research in Leonard Zon's lab
Careers explored: Undergraduate and graduate students and instructors using a variety of equipment and tools in research laboratories related to the zebrafish
Length: 3 minutes 27 seconds

Zebrafish (Danio rerio): a small fish that's big in science
Richard Freeston

Main idea: In-depth look at zebrafish as a model organism and its use in laboratories
Careers explored: Graduate students and genetics researchers
Length: 5 minutes 35 seconds

The Tiny Fish That's Changing Modern Medicine

Main idea: Overview of research topics that use zebrafish as a model
Careers explored: Cancer and stem cell therapy medical researchers
Length: 4 minutes 32 seconds

The Art of the Zebrafish
Regina McEnery

Main idea: BioART: How scientists use imaging to understand animal models
Careers explored: Microscopy, photography, and digital imaging

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