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What is BioEYES?

Project BioEYES is a K-12 science education program which provides classroom-based learning opportunities through the use of live zebrafish. Project BioEYES is designed to incorporate teacher empowerment and provides professional development seminars and a co-teaching experience with trained university science consultants, called Outreach Educators.

BioEYES is located at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA; the Carnegie Institution for Science in Baltimore, MD; Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN; and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Extending the BioEYES Experience

The BioEYES program includes extensions that complement subject areas in the arts, English, mathematics, health, and social studies and can be used to reinforce concepts in the life sciences such as cell biology, genetics, the life cycle of an organism, and other topics. The following zebrafish story is an example of an extension that was recently written by one of our participants, and told from the perspective of a zebrafish embryo that she raised. Click on the letter to view it at a larger size.

A student writes from the perspective of a zebrafish embryo-page 1

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Connecting Children to Nature

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Zebrafish in the Classroom

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